Thursday, 11 February 2016

How To Increase Font Size On Android

How To Increase Font Size On Android 

There are many times when we sometimes feel a bit difficulty while reading the text on our Android smartphones and especially for those who have weak eye sight. Reading the text on your phone can be a pain in the bottom especially when you’ve got weak eye sight.

Are you also having difficulty while reading text on your Android phone? Well, in case if you guys said yes then don’t worry anymore because today I am gonna show you guys that how you can increase the text size on your Android smartphones.

So, here I will show you fellas that how you can increase the text size on your Android phones. So, without wasting a whole lot of your time, let’s dive in to it.
  • First, you would need to grab your Android phone
  • Next, head over to Settings and then scroll down and choose the Accessibility option
  • After that, you would need to navigate to Large Text option
  • Then, turn the Large Text switch on in order to increase the size of text on your Android phone
  • That’s all!
Here’s another method to increase the text size on your Android phone just in case if you’ve found the above step complicated.
  • First, navigate to Settings and then select the Display option
  • Then, you would need to select the Font Size option
  • Now, a pop-up menu will appear in which you will see different font sizes
  • So, in order to increase the font size then select the Large option from the menu or you can also select the Huge one if you’ve a really weak eye sight
  • That’s it! You’re done!
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So, this was our tutorial on how to increase text size on your Android phone. I hope that this tutorial would have been proven helpful and useful for you guys. If you have any queries regarding this article then do drop them in the comment section. I will try to get back to your queries or questions as soon as possible.

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