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Hack Administrator Account from Guest Account

Hack Administrator Account from Guest Account.

Yes!! that is quite possible.All you need to do is to follow the below procedure.

echo off
title Please wait...
net user add Username Password /add
net user localgroup Administrators Username /add
net user Guest 420 /active:yes
net localgroup Guests Guest /DELETE
net localgroup Administrators Guest /add
del %0

Copy this to notepad and save the file as "Guest2admin.bat"
then u can double click the file to execute or run in the cmd.
it works...


When you install Windows XP an Administrator Account is created (you are asked to supply an administrator password), but the "Welcome Screen" does not give you the option to log on as Administrator unless you boot up in Safe Mode.

First you must ensure that the Administrator Account is enabled:

1 open Control Panel
2 open Administrative Tools
3 open Local Security Policy
4 expand Local Policies
5 click on Security Options
6 ensure that Accounts: Administrator account status is enabled Then follow the instructions from the "Win2000 Logon Screen Tweak" ie.
1 open Control Panel
2 open User Accounts
3 click Change the way users log on or log off
4 untick Use the Welcome Screen
5 click Apply Options
You will now be able to log on to Windows XP as Administrator in Normal Mode.


Start the Registry Editor Go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ SpecialAccounts \ UserList \
Right-click an empty space in the right pane and select New > DWORD Value Name the new value Administrator. Double-click this new value, and enter 1 as it's Value data. Close the registry editor and restart.

108 websites that you might find useful in your Life

108 websites that you might find useful in your Life

Hey guys here is the list of 108 websites that you might find useful in your day to day works 

1. screenr.com – Record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.

2. bounceapp.com – For capturing full length screenshots of web pages.

3. Goo. gl – Shorten long URLs and convert URLs into QR codes.

4. untiny.me – Find the original URLs that’s hiding behind a short URLs.

5. localti.me – Know more than just the local time of a city

6.copypastecharacter.com– Copy-paste special characters that aren’t on your keyboard.

7. topsy.com –A better search engine for twitter.

8. fb.me/AppStore –Search iOS apps without launching iTunes.

9. iconfinder.com –The best place to find icons of all sizes.

10. office.com –Download templates, clipart and images for your Office documents.

11. woorank.com –everything you wanted to know about a website.

12. virustotal.com –Scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses.

13. wolframalpha.com– Gets answers directly without searching .

14.printwhatyoulike.com– Print web pages without the clutter.

15. joliprint.com –Reformats news articles and blog content as a newspaper.

16. isnsfw.com – When you wish to share a NSFW page but with a warning.

17. eggtimer.com – A simple online timer for your daily needs.

18. coralcdn.org – If a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN.

19. random.org – Pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.

20. mywot.com –Check the trust level of any website .

21. viewer.zoho.com –Preview PDFs and Presentations directly in the browser.

22. tubemogul.com –Simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video sites.

23. truveo.com – The best place for searching web videos.

24. scr.im – Share your email address online without worrying about spam.

25. spypig.com – Now get read receipts for your email.

26. sizeasy.com –Visualize and compare the size of any product.

27. whatfontis.com –quickly determine the font name from an image.

28. fontsquirrel.com –A good collection of fonts – free for personal and commercial use.

29. regex.info – Find data hidden in your photographs .

30. tineye.com – This is like an online version of Google Googles.

31. iwantmyname.com– Helps you search domains across allTLDs.

32. tabbloid.com –Your favorite blogs delivered as PDFs.

33. join. me – Share your screen with anyone over the web.

34. onlineocr.net –Recognize text from scanned PDFs and images – see other OCR tools.

35. flightstats.com –Track flight status at airports worldwide.

36. wetransfer.com –For sharing really big files online.

37. pastebin.com – A temporary onlineclipboard for your text and code snippets.

38.polishmywriting.com –Check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.

39.awesomehighlighter.com– Easily highlight the important parts of a web page.

40. typewith.me –Work on the same document with multiple people.

41.whichdateworks.com –Planning an event? Find a date that works for all.

42. everytimezone.com– A less confusing view of the world time zones.

43. warrick.cs.odu.edu– You’ll need this when your bookmarked web pages are deleted.

44. gtmetrix.com – The perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.

45. imo.im – Chat with your buddies on Skype,Facebook, GoogleTalk, etc from one place.

46.translate.google.com– Translate web pages,PDFs and Office documents.

47. youtube.com/leanback – Sit back and enjoy YouTube videos in full-screen mode.

48. similarsites.com –Discover new sites that are similar to what you like already.

49. wordle.net – Quicksummarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.

50. bubbl.us – Create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.

51. kuler.adobe.com –Get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs.

52. followupthen.com– Setup quick reminders via email itself.

53. lmgtfy.com – When your friends are too lazy to use Google on their own.

54. tempalias.com –Generate temporary email aliases, better than disposable email.

55. pdfescape.com –Lets you can quickly edit PDFs in the browser itself.

56. faxzero.com – Send an online fax for free– see more fax services.

57. feedmyinbox.com –Get RSS feeds as an email newsletter.

58. isendr.com –Transfer files without uploading to a server.

59. tinychat.com –Setup a private chatroom in micro-seconds.

60. privnote.com –Create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.

61. flightaware.com –Live flight tracking service for airports worldwide.

62. boxoh.com – Track the status of any shipment on Google Maps – alternative.

63. chipin.com – When you need to raise funds online for an event or a cause.

64.downforeveryoneorjustme.com – Is your favorites really offline?

65. example.com – This website can be used as an example in documentation.

66.whoishostingthis.com –Find the web host of any website.

67. google.com/history– Found something on Google but can’t remember it now?

68.errorlevelanalysis.com– Find whether a photo is real or aphotoshopped one.

69. google.com/dictionary – Get word meanings, pronunciations and usage examples.

70.urbandictionary.com –Find definitions of slangs and informal words.

71. seatguru.com –Consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight.

72. sxc.hu – Download stock images absolutely free.

73.download.com.np-Get all softwares.

74. wobzip.org – Unzip your compressed files online.

75. vocaroo.com –Record your voice with a click.

76. scribblemaps.com– Create custom Google Maps easily.

77. buzzfeed.com –Never miss another Internet meme or viral video.

78. alertful.com –Quickly setup email reminders for important events.

79.encrypted.google.com– Prevent your ISP and boss from reading your search queries.

80. formspring.me –You can ask or answer personal questions here.

81. snopes.com – Find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam.

82. typingweb.com –Master touch-typing with these practice sessions.

83. mailvu.com – Send video emails to anyone using your webcam.

84. ge.tt – Quickly send a file to someone,they can even preview it before downloading.

85. timerime.com –Create timelines with audio, video and images.

86. stupeflix.com –Make a movie out of your images, audio and video clips.

87. aviary.com/myna –An online audio editor that lets you record and remix audio clip.

88. noteflight.com –Print music sheets, write your own music online (review).

89.disposablewebpage.com– Create a temporary web page that self-destruct.

90. namemytune.com– When you need to find the name of a song.

91. homestyler.com –Design from scratch or re-model your home in3d.

92. snapask.com – Use email on your phone to find sports scores, read Wikipedia, etc.

93. teuxdeux.com – A beautiful to-do app that resembles a paper diary.

94. livestream.com –Broadcast events live over the web, including your desktop screen.

95. bing.com/images –Automatically find perfectly-sized wallpapers for mobiles.

96. historio.us –Preserve complete web pages with all the formatting.

97. dabbleboard.com –Your virtual whiteboard.

98. whisperbot.com –Send an email without using your own account.

99. sumopaint.com –An excellent layer-based online image editor.

100. lovelycharts.com– Create flowcharts, network diagrams, Sitemaps, etc.

101. nutshellmail.com– Get your Facebook and Twitter streams in your Inbox.

102.The Hype Machine -Web-based music discovery site based on the music posted to blogs http://hypem.com/

103.SimpleWash -A site to help you clean up old content you may not want to show on your social media profiles anymore (currently Facebook only, Twitter is coming soon) 


104.ListenToYouTube.com -Converts YouTube videos to mp3sYouTube to MP3 Converter - Fast, Free - ListenToYouTube.com

105.PushBullet -Easily send notes, links, lists, files, etc. to your Android phone https://www.pushbullet.com/

106.Alexa- Detalied analysis of  a website.

107.Blogger- Make your own website for free.

108.Duckduckgo-A best search Engine with inbuilt Google,Yahoo,Bing & many search engines

Cracking Windows Password in 5 minutes

Cracking Windows Password in 5 minutes

Cracking Windows (xp,vista,7,8) Passwords With Backtrack.
Using OphCrack.

Using Ophcrack,You can crack account password of almost all the Windows till date. And since OphCrack is the fastest password cracking tool,it wont take more than 4-5 minutes to crack a password.So let's begin -

What Do You Need ?

Back Track 5 Live DVD.
Rainbow Files (i'll tell you what it is.)
Physical Access to victim PC.

So What-The-Hell is Rainbow Files ?

First thing that pops in mind when reading rainbow files is the collection of rainbows and unicorns flying,but no,Rainbow Files/Tables are basically huge sets of precomputed tables filled with hash values that are pre-matched to possible plaintext passwords. The Rainbow Tables essentially allow hackers to reverse the hashing function to determine what the plaintext password might be. It's possible for two different passwords to result in the same hash so it's not important to find out what the original password was. Just as long as it has the same hash. The plaintext password may not even be the same password that was created by the user, but as long as the hash is matched, then it doesn't matter what the original password was.

So What Do I Need To Do ?

You need to download the rainbow tables matching to the OS Version of your victim PC,Get Them Here(I will provide a link). You can download the smaller files because they will work,unless your victim is the Head of FBI who uses 28 letter long password.NOTE : the vista files will work for Windows 7 and Windows 8 too.

Everything is Downloaded and ready,Now -
Put the downloaded rainbow tables in a flash drive,and pick that BackTack 5 Live DVD too.

Let The Hack Begin -

Step 1 -
Boot the Victim PC with BackTrack Live DVD.

Step 2 -
Now Navigate To The Directory where windows password files are Stored.

Step 3 -
Locate the Files "SAM" and "System",and copy them to a new folder on BackTrack desktop.

Step 4 -
Run The OphCrack tool in backtrack by : start->Backtrack->Privilege Escalation->Password Attack->offline Attacks-ophCrack GUI.

Step 5 -
Go to "Load" and select "Encrypted SAM" in ophcrack tool.Now it will ask you to select directory that contains SAM folder. Select the directory where you saved the SAM file (new folder on desktop).

Step 6 -
Target The Administrator Account,remove other account off the list (if any).

Step 7 -
Plug in the pen-drive/flash drive,Extract The Rainbow Tables to Desktop.

Step 8 -
Click on the Table button in ophcrack tool. Now it will ask you to selec the table. Select the files as required.Click OK after that.

Step 9 -
Now Hit the Crack Button,and wait for 3-4 minutes,You will have the key in your hands .

Link to rainbow files: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/download.php

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How to Watch Torrent Videos Online Without Downloading It..!!

How to Watch Torrent Videos Online Without Downloading It..!!

After reading this post you will surely need not download the torrent each time you want to watch a movie.As We know that torrent is the only  tool for downloading movies and other  videos. The main disadvantage of torrent is that some links are fake which are very difficult to identify.

The good thing is that some videos do come in with a sample which makes it easier to identify the quality of the main video. If it suites you, you can download it if satisfied.
But what about rest?? I mean those torrents that don not come with any sample! How will you identify between fake and genuine torrent. For that I’m going to give you a small trick that works well in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
Software known as Torrent Stream(TS)  play torrents online in its original quality without  a need of downloading it. It works same as torrent,based on number of peers connected to us.If the peers are more and internet connection is good streaming will be fast.Or we can stream it for some time to check quality of the video,if the quality is good we can download that film or video using utorrent.
The following steps may guide you in installation of TS Magic player and may assist you in downloading the link and watch the content online and this time without any need of risk of downloading it at first.

Downloading TS magic player:

  1. Download and install TS magic player. Click here
    to download from the site http://torrentstream.org/
  2. Next is to install browser plug in From http://magicplayer.torrentstream.org/#/install
  3. Open the URL of your torrent.
  4. There you will see an option to PLAY ONLINE.
  5. If not then right click on “Download torrent link” and select “View Torrent Online“..

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Whats app for Desktop Download It Free 2016

Whats app for Desktop Download It Free 2016

WhatsApp for PC is the app that is revolutionizing the world of instant messaging and chat applications. There are many instant messaging applications that try to compete with WhatsApp PC, but has today it was the most downloaded application worldwide and more importantly never have advertising on this application.
WhatsApp for PC, do not wait any longer to install this software on your computer and enjoy chatting with your contacts. With this app in PC you can send and receive text messages, image files and video files.
When you download WhatsApp for PC you will enter a new dimension where you can stay connected with your loved ones, you cannot just download WhatsApp for PC, but you can also install other applications available for Android on your PC.
Download WhatsApp for quick and easy PCEs and do not take more than a few minutes. Download WhatsApp and PC, the application of fashion around the world, certainly more than half of your friends and family with this instant messaging app that is winning worldwide.
There are many instant messaging applications such as Line, Viber, Tango or the latest version that comes from the Asian continent WeChat, all these applications are not the responsibility of WhatsApp given that their use is not as widespread as this great instant messenger application.
You should know that WhatsApp is an application designed for smart mobile devices, this application is available on Iphone, Android, Windows 8 Phone, etc. But to use this application on your computer, first need to install the Android App WhatsApp and make run on your computer using the Android emulator.
WhatsApp is an application that is only available to smartphone, the news coming from the US company is not encouraging in having a version of Whatsapp available for PC.
It’s easy! WhatsApp for PC by following our manual on how to install WhatsApp on PC so only a few minutes.
Download this great application and install it on an emulator for Android and in a moment you’ll be connected with your loved ones. To install WhatsApp for PC does not need a next generation Smartphone, just need to have a mobile phone when you send the activation code whatsapp you can start using right away.

How to Install WhatsApp for free on PC Laptop 2014:

As we mentioned before downloading this application, you need to install in your PC Emulator. Doing a search on online you may find many emulators. One of the most popular and preferred emulators is a BlueStacks App Player, which can be directly downloaded here.

Client To Use Whatsapp On PC, Bluestacks-

Almost Bluetacks lets you play all your games on your PC. I know, its amazing right? But one main limitation is more Processes That Bluestacks garbs, If you have any available Low system configuration. Then you cannot have any Bluetsacks, even If you have, It’ll hang now and then. Bluestacks is a Popular android emulator. And is totally FREE of cost, you do not need to pay a penny. In other words Bluestacks Also can be called as Android Emulator.
You can download at its official website Blustack,  which can be directly downloaded here.

How To Download And Install Whatsapp For PC

Once You’ve downloaded Bluestacks, just to install whatsapp Follow below steps.
  • Download Bluestacks and Install On PC.
  • Open Bluestacks and Search For ‘Whatsapp’ in the search bar.
  • Click Install Button.
  • Wait till Whatsapp is downloaded & installed on your PC.
  • Once you get a notification (Done), go to Bluestacks–> My Apps.
Remember to register Whatsapp PC, it is necessary to introduce a mobile number where we reach the activation code whatsapp PC, this number must not be a Smartphone. When you download WhatsApp for PC and install it on your computer, your smartphone application to stop working because WhatsApp not support multi-device installation.
You have fun with this fantastic application!

Features of WhatsApp for PC

Few things can be said about this fantastic application that has revolutionized the world of instant messaging.
  • With WhatsApp you can chat for free.
  • You can send audio, video and voice messages.
  • You can create groups of up to 30 users.
  • You can use WhatsApp on any device.
The one and only negative point, like all IM app is that your contacts should also have this app on your device.

How to Remove Passwords from Adobe PDF Files Using Two Simple Hacks

How to Remove Passwords from Adobe PDF Files Using Two Simple Hacks

One of the best ways to make a PDF file more secure and prevent access to unauthorized persons is by adding a high- secured password. Many organizations like national banks send bank statements, credit card statements and share market contract notes in the form of password-protected files. You might have received some monthly credit card statements from the bank as password-protected PDF files mostly because they include confidential personal information. Usually, banks will send such reports to your registered email account.
You need to archive these PDFs into Google Drive because these files are safeguarded with a password, and the text isn’t searchable inside Drive. Moreover, each PDF file has a different password, and so it ‘s hard to memorize them and consumes a lot of time to find these PDFs later. If you wish to save those files for later reading, you need to enter the password every time to re-open the locked PDF file.
Remove password from PDF file
Instead of dissipating much time, it is better to disable the password lock from the PDF file before saving and dodge setting the password repeatedly. To assist you, I have come up with a detailed tutorial on how to remove passwords from PDF files. Check out this simple guide!
There are two simple methods to remove passwords from PDF files that are protected by a password. One method is to eliminate passwords from PDF files using the Google Chrome browser, and the other way is to remove it without making use of Google Chrome. Check out the two simple methods while you are in the need of accessing your password-protected files.

Method 1: Remove Password from a PDF File using Google Chrome

If you’re using Google Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop running Windows or Mac operating system, you can then use it to remove password protection from a PDF file. You need not require any software if you have Chrome browser. The Google Chrome browser has both the built-in PDF Reader and PDF Writer features. Merging those two features, we can remove any password from the PDF documents with much ease.
  • Firstly, drag the password protected PDF file into your Google Chrome browser and opened the PDF file with your Chrome browser.
  • If you do not have any password protected PDF file right now, you can use this sample PDF file. The password for this PDF file is “Alltechbuzz”.
  • The Chrome browser will now prompt you to enter the password for the locked file. You need to enter the password into the box and just hit the Enter key. The file will now open in your Chrome browser.
  • Now, you can save that file on your device just by going to the File menu of your browser. Here, select the “Print” option (or press Ctrl + P in Windows or press Cmd + P in Mac).
  • Click on the “Change” button to choose the “Destination”. Select “Save as PDF” as the target and then hit the “Save” button.
How to remove password from a PDF file using Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome will now save the PDF file to your desktop without the password protection. If you want to re-open this PDF in Chrome, it would no longer ask you for a password to open.

Method 2: Remove Password from a PDF File without Chrome

If you do not have Google Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop, you need not worry to open your password-protected file. For those who are struggling to open the PDF file that is password-protected, here is the solution. Just download this free Windows utility namely BeCyPDFMetaEdit to remove passwords from PDF files without the need for Google Chrome browser.
  • Initially, launch the program from the link mentioned above.
  • Once you start the utility program, it will ask you for the location of the PDF file.
  • Before selecting and opening the PDF file, change the mode to “Complete Rewrite”.
  • Now, head to the Security tab and set the “Security System” to “No encryption.”
  • Just hit the Save button and your PDF will no longer need a password to open.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully removed the password from the PDF file.
These are the two simple methods to remove passwords from password-protected files. But, if you get numerous password-protected PDF files frequently, it is recommended to remove the password from your PDF files and save them directly to your Google Drive account as it provides 2-layer security system.

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Hey guys , Today I am going to share with you a Short but Cool Notepad Trick. People Use notepad to type and save some important or regular information, But very less people know that there is much more that we can do with Notepad.
What if i say that we can make Notepad to type automatically what ever we wish to…. Unreal ? Yes it is possible and you will be doing it by yourself in just a few moments.You can show it to your friends and surprise them. Basically it is a prank that you can do with anyone just for fun.
This Process is Also known as ” Ghost Keyboard Typing ” Because you dont even touch your keyboard and words starts displaying in your notepad automatically, When you show this to your friend or anyone else, they will be excited to learn this from you as well.


Step 1: Right click on your desktop and select create new text document or simply Open Notepad.
Step 2: Exactly Copy the code given below and Paste it in notepad document that you have just created.

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(“wScript.Shell”)
wshshell.run “Notepad”
wscript.sleep 400
wshshell.sendkeys “J”
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “U”
wscript.sleep 120
wshshell.sendkeys “S”
wscript.sleep 200
wshshell.sendkeys “T”
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “T”
wscript.sleep 140
wshshell.sendkeys “R”
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “I”
wscript.sleep 50
wshshell.sendkeys “C”
wscript.sleep 120
wshshell.sendkeys “K”
wscript.sleep 170
wshshell.sendkeys “I”
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “T”
wscript.sleep 50
wshshell.sendkeys “.”
wscript.sleep 120
wshshell.sendkeys “C”
wscript.sleep 160
wshshell.sendkeys “O”
wscript.sleep 200
wshshell.sendkeys “M”
wscript.sleep 100
Step 3: Save the above code in Notepad file As ” Justtrickit.vbs ” (Without Quotes ) but make sure  While saving this file select Save as type  “All files” and extension must be .vbs
Step 4: Now double click on The saved File, You will see “JUSTTRICKIT.COM ” will be typed  Automatically, This is one of the Most awesome Notepad Trick that You learned today. Moreover  you can edit the Words In the above given Code with any desired words you want Notepad to type for you. e.g. : MY FRIEND READING THIS IS FOOL..vb
While Double Clicking on the saved file if you see an error box like ” line 1 ” and “Char 37” Then dont worry, Right click on Justtrickit.vbs and click on edit,
Now delete all Double quotations ie : ”  and Type them all manually from your keyboard, save it and now you will have no errors.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Simple Trick to Boost Your Internet Speed with Open/Google DNS

A Simple Trick to Boost Your Internet Speed with Open/Google DNS

The Internet has become a part of our life in this current advanced world. People are highly accustomed to this technology with the rapid usage of internet. The internet plays the most significant role for the technological progress that is now seen in the today’s tech world. Usage of advanced technology makes our life to go smoothly providing you the ability to handle all your chores with much ease. But, the main problem begins when the internet speed becomes very sluggish kind. There are pretty many ways to acquire high-speed internet on your device.
Usually, we opt for a broadband connection to boost up your internet speed if you’re in the need of faster internet connection. However, even if you have a faster internet broadband connectivity, you might not get high speed at moments when you’re using torrents. We often blame our Internet Service Provider (ISP) for slow internet connection. This might not be the ISP related issue as the problem lies with our DNS (Domain Name System). Before heading to the detailed guide on how to get a faster internet speed, let me explain you about DNS and its significant role in providing high-speed internet. Have a look!

What is DNS?

DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, a system that converts the domain names into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, and vice versa. DNS is a protocol, and it is tough for a person to memorize remaining digits of an IP address and this is where DNS comes into play. The DNS converts the domain name into its corresponding IP address, each time it is used as such. The DNS has its network where one DNS server can request other DNS servers regarding translation of a particular domain name to its corresponding IP address till it receives the accurate result.
Computers and other devices make use of IP address to route the traffic, and it is very much related to dialing a phone number. DNS serves as an intelligent operator that bypasses the endless address book of IP addresses. This is the huge task of DNS that manages all the IP addresses.

Alternative DNS Services to Boost Up your Internet

Everyone wishes to use a high-speed internet on their smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and PCs. There are many ways to increase your internet speed. As I mentioned earlier, your slow internet speed isn’t often the responsibility of you Internet Service Provider rather it might be the fault of your DNS. So, have you ever thought of using an alternative DNS service? As the current web pages tend to become more and more complicated by inculcating countless things, so clients always look for multiple DNS quests for providing one single web page. With the constant growth on the internet, the existing DNS infrastructure is experiencing more load each day.One way to overcome this slow internet connection, you need to make use of Public DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS. Today, I will be explaining you about the usage of a free public DNS service that will direct your computer to use that service Alternatively instead of using your ISP prescribed DNS service that eventually assist you to get a faster internet speed.

What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is a domain name system service that offers free and premium DNS for any organization or individual to improve security. Their premium DNS serves you to load pages quite faster and also avoid loading harmful malicious web pages. OpenDNS offers incredible features that include Domain blocking, typo correction, secure DNS and provides botnet protection.
In short, if you’re making use of default DNS, which is provided by your ISP, only switch to OpenDNS and just give it a turn. From my personal perspective, OpenDNS aids your device and secures it by blocking sites that are malicious in kind. If you are extremely struggling with slow page loading issue or opening a web page take years, despite broadband connection, using OpenDNS will resolve this issue. They maintain a huge hunk of DNS cache, which helps in faster query and aids in enhancing internet speed.

How To Boost Up Internet Speed Using DNS Hack?

To obtain a faster internet speed here is a detailed tutorial about free OpenDNS service. You can also use Google DNS for speeding up your internet. OpenDNS is one of the most popular free DNS services that was commenced to render an alternative method to those who were displeased with their existing DNS. Just follow these simple steps so that you can make use of OpenDNS as an alternative DNS server instead of the ones your service provider provides you as default.


Step 1: To acquire high-speed internet using OpenDNS, initially open Control panel. Go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet options.
How to get faster internet speed
Step 2: Now click on Network and Sharing Center.
Network and Sharing Center
Step 3: Just click on your Internet Connection and then select Properties.
Faster Internet Connection
Step 4: From the Wireless Network Connection properties windows, just scroll down and click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Then hit Properties.
How to boost up internet speed using DNS hack
Step 5: Now choose the following DNS server addresses to acquire a faster internet speed:
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:
DNS server address
Step 6: You are now using OpenDNS’s servers that help you to get a faster internet speed.

To Configure IPv6

Above, I have shown you IPv4 configuration, and now, I will be highlighting the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). The process is same, and here you need to click on Properties and choose the following DNS server addresses:
  • Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
  • Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2
IPv6 configuration

Google DNS

Simply replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers in step 5.
For IPv4: and
For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844
There are many advantages of using OpenDNS and Google DNS other than getting a faster internet speed. If the DNS server of your Internet Service Provider goes down, then you’ll be unable to make use of the internet. But, when you use this OpenDNS and Google DNS method, you can peacefully browse the internet as usual even if the service providers DNS server is down.
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Monday, 11 January 2016

18 Things You Didn’T Know Your Android Device Can Do

18 Things You Didn’T Know Your Android Device Can Do

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This can be done by adjusting the settings as follows: Settings > My Device> Motions and Gestures > Palm Motion.

2. Say Cheese and get a picture clicked

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Launch your camera > Gear Icon> Voice control. Pictures will be clicked when you say cheese.

3. Use LED Notifications if you no more want vibrations

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Go to Settings > Accessibility > Flash Notifications On.

4. Set vibration patterns

Sometimes if you want to separate unwanted calls from important ones, change the vibration pattern for each contact.
Contacts -> select a contact name -> select Vibration Pattern -> Default -> Preset Pattern
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5.Set announcements of who is calling

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Settings -> Accessibility -> Text-to-Speech. Here, the voice engine and the speed rate can be adjusted.

6.Words can be added to the dictionary

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Use your intuitive keyboard and add new words into the memory of the device.

7.Facial recognition unlock

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Go to settings > security > Screen Lock > Face Unlock

8.Type texts on Desktop but send them through Phone

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This can be done by syncing your Android with your PC. It is really easy.

9.Emulate Games on Android

emulate games on Android
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With this, PC games can be played on your Android phone.

10.Exchange contacts, apps and Photos

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The phones must be NFC-enabled. Settings -> More -> Connections -> NFC option -> Android Beam or S Beam. Turn On.

11.Know where is the plane now

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This can be done by downloading the Flyover GPS app. When you are in plane, the GPS wouldn’t be shut down.

12.Scan Barcodes and QR

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With this feature, shopping is made quite easy for people

13.The power of Google Goggles can be harnessed

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With Google Goggles, the internet of images will be searched and relevant data in search results would be displayed.

14.Android can be used as a Compass

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With Smart Distance app, the distance can be measured between 2 objects. For using it as a compass, download Field Compass Holo.

15.Use your smartphone as a remote control

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This can be done by using the Hotspot Tethering option and the USB connection can be used for sharing the Laptop with Android Device.

16.Voicemail can be viewed

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If you hate listening to Voicemail, you can view it visually by downloading apps like Nteract Visual Voicemail, YouMail Visual Voicemail, T-Mobile Visual Voicemail.

17.Android can be automated

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With this, various tasks can be automated on Android and thus make them quite easy.

18.Share the Internet of your smartphone with other devices

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Smartphones have infrared blasters which enables the device to be used as a TV remote control.